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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to heal and connect through art and heart. 

We believe that art gives us healing within ourselves, connection and voice to make a change in someone else's life.


We are leaders, healers and change makers.


We stand by our art and believe that no artists should struggle with their identity, artistry, emotionally, physically and financially.


One Art at a time, One Artist at a time, We CREATE....


We share our story so that people can know that they are not alone in this. 

We believe in the power of creating and storytelling create healing not only for others, but for ourselves.  

Workshop, Blog, Mindfulness


We believe in and support each other because that's what we do to better ourselves. 

We collaborate, create space for each other to share our art. Elevate each other and those around us. 

Community Events


We create art to make this world a better place. We use art to share message. We use art to educate and empower.

No more struggling artists.

We support each other's mission. 

Art is for EVERYONE. 

Artist Workshop, Giveback

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