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Healing Through Words

My life as an artist has been the epitome of healing. I’m able to express myself through the words and imagination of poetry (and the ability to remain in the question of what if, what’s next, etc.). All that I’ve experienced-my memories, obstacles, pain, love, and joy-bring my writing to life. I allow my heart to be felt by my readers and audience, creating a safe space where others can relate.

Some challenges I’m currently facing are writer's block and my fear of putting 100% into my writing career. Sometimes I psych myself out of my profound destiny because of my fear to fail. “Maybe I’m not good enough. I wouldn’t get paid as much to do this full time. What if it doesn’t happen the way I dreamed it would?”

But, as I continue to breathe life into my writing, I am reminded of how worthy I am of this gift.

I remember being 12 years old and writing my first poem. It felt amazing to express what was going on inside of my head and my heart and to share what I was going through in such a freeing way. My very first poem was about being gay but being too scared to “come out the closet.” My poem used the colors of the rainbow to describe my trapped fairy-tale life, waiting for my princess charming to arrive. When I read that poem back now, I can feel how scared and hurt I was.

I remember when people used to ask me “what’s wrong?” I always said, “I don’t know how to explain it.” Now I cherish my words, because I do know how to express myself. Since 12, poetry has been my savior and my peace. I am grateful to have something that keeps me grounded.

My call to action is for you to create a safe space, and hold open conversations with youth. I wish I had someone who invested time into my growth when I was younger. I want to be that person for the youth moving forward, impacting children and young adults by modeling what vulnerability, generosity, and healing looks like. And being that trusted person who supports the youth in embodying their art.

Angel Castillo Author of “This Is For You”

Available on Amazon.

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