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Welcome to "I AM" Series Blog!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

If you haven't met me, I cannot wait to meet you. "I AM" Series started by accident. I never planned on starting this. And this is the best thing that ever happened to me.

"I AM." Two of the most powerful words there are in the world. Anything that follows after this sentence, we give it power. So who are we? Who am I? Who are you?

It all started by accident as I mentioned. So why should I even try to be perfect? I love people. I love art. I love people with a mission. Selfishly, I just wanna hang out with cool people, making cool things, doing amazing things. They inspire me. They move my heart. They are loving, passionate and on to something. I hate being lonely. I hate feeling not enough. I hate feeling left behind. I hate not belonging.... Being an artist can be, and is lonely at times. It's not only you. I really hope that it's not only me. I would hate that.

We use art to heal, connect and make this world a better place one art, one artist, one voice at a time. - "I AM" Series

I wanna make this world a better place by using the arts.

I really do. I see all these amazing people doing amazing things and it's impossible for me to believe that this goal is not possible. How is that even possible? We are amazing. I am always blown away by people around me, who are doing epic things. How do I know these people? How lucky am I that I get to be around these people? How? I'm telling you, we are that badass.

I hate when people say "I'm a struggling artist." Hell no. - Yuko Kudo

"I didn't charge my art for a LONG time. I did't go to school for this. I didn't study with XYZ person. I wanna be nice to people. I don't want people to think that I'm doing it for money. If I really care about people, why should I charge? If I really love this work, I would do it whether I get paid or not. I should earn my due.... "

Those were my daily conversations. I don't want to hear any of my friends apologize for charging. Feel bad for asking for what they're worth. Make joke about themselves by saying "I'm an artist, I'm broke". I say hell no to all of these. We take stand for our worth. Take stand for our art. Take stand for what we believe in. I am here to create that revolution. I am not waiting. The world needs to remember that without art and artists, or no, HUMAN BEINGS, won't exist. Because the act of creating something, in whatever form that maybe, is an art.

You are not alone.

"I AM" Series is for you. For you to start believing in who you are, the magic that you are born with, the voice that you have within you. We believe in you. We see you. We hear you. Because we were all shut down, being ignored, being undervalued. It's our time to celebrate all of us. I wanna celebrate with you. I wanna see you shine. I wanna see you thrive. I wanna see you being who you are 100000% unapologetically. Can we start that together?

Love and light


Founder of "I AM" Series

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