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I Create because I AM - Vegas Valentine

This month, in honor of PLAY, some of us here at I AM Global are doing a simple exercise, based on a piece I once read called “Why do I write.” The piece was simple in its execution, simply a stream of consciousness list of over 100 reasons across four pages of why they write.

Which brings us to our prompt for the month: “Why do I create?”

We invite you, too, to participate in this form of play. You can sit somewhere you like and just start writing, stream of consciousness style, saying things even if they aren’t true, just to see what you create. You might just find something that surprises you about yourself!

I create because I AM.

I create to face my fears, but also to escape them.

I create to dry my tears, but just as well to shape them.

I create to speak my mind, I create to pass the time

I create because I cannot stop my thoughts and must translate them.

I create because I am emotional.

I create for fame and glory, I create for adulation

I create to be provocative, for shock, and consternation

I create to celebrate, I create to masturbate

I create because I’ve got the fever to feed my fixation

I create because I am sexual.

I create for other people, as much as for myself

I create because I can create like no damn body else

I create to light a fire, or simply to inspire

I create for the empowerment they feel within their cells

I create because I am social.

I create to fight for my beliefs, to stick it to the man

I create to shake the system up, to take a solid stand

I create to leave a legacy, I create to make history

I create in hopes we leave a better place than we began

I create because I am political.

I create to ask the questions I know not the answers to

I create to search for purpose, and to look for what is true

I create and wish to find that special spark of the divine

I create and it’s beyond me why I create like I do

I create because I am spiritual.

I create because I like a challenge, puzzles are my thing

I create because I like to read and draw and dance and sing

I create to ascertain, to stimulate my brain

I create to speak a language only spoken by the kings

I create because I am intellectual.

I create because I AM.


Vegas Valentine is an extraterrestrial singer-songwriter and pop performance artist from the future. He believes in love, laughter, and dragons. He hopes you will dance with him.

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