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Why I Create - Shino Frances

This month, in honor of PLAY, some of us here at I AM Global are doing a simple exercise, based on a piece I once read called “Why do I write.” The piece was simple in its execution, simply a stream of consciousness list of over 100 reasons across four pages of why they write.

Which brings us to our prompt for the month: “Why do I create?”

We invite you, too, to participate in this form of play. You can sit somewhere you like and just start writing, stream of consciousness style, saying things even if they aren’t true, just to see what you create. You might just find something that surprises you about yourself!

Why I Create - Shino Frances

I create because I can. I create because I need to. What does “need” mean? Creating is an outlet. Creating is life. Creation. How could I not create? I wake up in the morning. I breathe. I am taking in oxygen and creating carbon dioxide. Creation is human nature, no? Why do I choose to prioritize creating? I feel better when I create. What does “better” mean? More focused, grounded and powerful. I create because I get to experience being focused, grounded and powerful. Creating is playing. Creating is how I get lost. I create because I get to lose myself. Getting lost is nice because then I get to find out more along the way. It doesn’t mean I lose everything up until now, I get to add to what I experience. Creating makes opportunity for new experiences. I create to create new experiences. Ha! Creation of creation!! I am a creation, therefore I create!! Create, Create, Create!!!!

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