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Why The H*ll I’m Doing All This Sh*t

“Women of Culture” @Gallery Madison Park, performance among featured artwork of Kay Healy.

I create to fulfill my purpose in life. What is this purpose, you ask?

I have no idea. It’s tough when we are raised as children to find our perfect job, follow the system, and end up with a nice 401K. So what do we do when we’re one of the kids who never quite fit in right to the system?

Perhaps we were different, too loud, too creative, would talk too much or not talk much at all. Perhaps we were too fat, too skinny, would sing too much in the shower or had too much empathy inside us to be able to handle the craziness of this society.

I feel like there is a huge group of us, especially millennials, who feel extremely out of place in this society we’ve created although the social pressure to keep up the perfect life on “Instagram” and other social media outlets, continues to create more and more space in between us, instead of connection and understanding among us. Technology has benefited the world in immeasurable ways, however, there’s a dark side to every coin.

But, as all weird kids do, we adapt. We continue to CREATE, in order to bring more outlets for voices to come together. More positions for communication and understanding that we are stronger in numbers. Because even when we’re scrolling down Instagram and seeing all the perfect photos at the beach, there is still a voice inside you that contains the camaraderie we all feel as weird kids. And in my opinion, every single one of us is a weird kid inside.

I create to be apart of the shift of revolution. I create so when I am old and dying, I can tell my grandchildren that I was apart of the women’s revolution, the LGBTQ+ revolution and an ally to the important human right fights happening in 2019 and onward. I create so that I can honor all who have fought and continue to fight in life-threatening situations for human rights.

I create to fulfill my purpose in life.

Sammi Price is an Actress, Slam Poet, and Activist based in NYC. She has performed across venues such as Gallery Madison Park and New York University, and has the premiere of her musical, poetic one woman comedy show August 21st, 2019. Follow @sammi___price or like “Sammi Price” on Facebook

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