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What We Do

Community Events

We believe that when people are seen, heard and feel safe, we can soar. It is our mission to keep creating the safe space for each other not only as an artist, but as a whole person and as a community

"I AM" Series : Monthly Showcase

- Performances by Featured Artists

- Open Mic Share

- 10% of ticket sales goes to charity

Artist Circle : Monthly Meet Up 

- Curated Conversation 

- Meaningful Connection

Workshops for Artists

We believe that Artists are the new leaders. With right tools and support, we are here to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. We offer resources for artists to thrive. Most of our workshop instructors are artists themselves. 

Workshop topics 

- Creative Writing Workshop

- Mindfulness Workshop

- Art Entrepreneurship

- Financial literacy Workshop

and MORE!

Working with Artists 

   We believe in the power of art and working artists as leaders. We support artists who advocate to make this world a better place by producing shows, workshops and donations. 

Artist Workshop : Art & Conversation based Education


- Cross Sector Collaboration

- Spark curiosity that leads to proactive learning

- Clear Call to Action

- Community Engagement

- Accessibility for diverse audience

Sample Topics

- Mass Incarceration, Environmental Justice, Mental Wellness

Show Production : Latest show "HOME: My Heart"

- Stay tuned for our upcoming productions. 

We customize our production and workshop for your company's mission & needs for your community. For consultation, contact below. 

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